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Broadband subscribers require a powerful suite of security applications.  Strong security requires tight integration with your existing applications, your directory services, and your brand. 

Authentium ESP enables immediate deployment of "best of breed" integrated technologies from great software vendors, and unified updating to protect and scale to millions of users. 

Antivirus | Firewall | Parental Controls | Spyware Protection

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Fast, dynamic file scanning
Automatic def file updating
Provides real-time virus protection against more than 150,000 viruses and Internet worms.
Personal Firewall
Fast, easy set-up

No-hassle game support

Stops hackers and key-loggers, and includes easy rule creation for Internet applications and games.
Parental Controls
Massive, fully-customizable lists
Multi-user time limits
Allow parents to manage millions of web sites and apply time-limits to web-surfing for multiple children.
Spyware/Privacy Protection
Advanced spyware protection
Banner ad & pop-up blocker

Stops system crashes and privacy invasion caused by ad-ware and spyware - includes pop-up/ad blocking!

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