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Microsoft Windows XP SP2 Upgrade

Upgrade Now! Command Antivirus versions 4.91 and above are fully compatible with XP SP2.  Versions 4.92 and higher are fully compatible and recognized upon SP2 install.

About XP SP2 Windows Security Center

With the release of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (XP SP2), Microsoft is introducing a new Control Panel application named Windows Security Center (WSC).  WSC includes a new system-tray icon and notification feature intended to ensure each user is notified when their computer is not adequately protected by anti-virus (AV) software, firewall protection software, or the latest Internet Explorer (IE) updates. Many industry observers and developers have expressed an opinion that the anti-virus-sensing component will be the most complex, since it is intended to check whether antivirus is installed, whether the AV application is active, and whether the latest anti-virus definition files (DEF files) have been applied.

CAV Users MUST upgrade to 4.91 prior to upgrading to XP SP2
In order to ensure Authentium’s Command Antivirus (CAV) product is fully compliant to the extensive changes introduced by Microsoft, it will be necessary for users of Microsoft Windows XP Home or Professional Edition to ensure their version of CAV has been upgraded or patched to the latest version of CAV.  Please note that ALL antivirus vendors have had to make changes to their products, not just Authentium.

Taking the Right Steps in the Right Order
If you are considering upgrading to Microsoft Windows XP SP2, you must first upgrade your Command Antivirus product to version 4.91 or 4.92 prior to installing the Microsoft Windows XP SP2 upgrade. To verify the current version of CAV running on your system, open the CAV application user interface and click on menu item “Help” then “About” and the current version will be displayed.

CAV version 4.92 adds functionality
Authentium’s CAV version 4.92 is fully-integrated and recognized by Microsoft WSC.  4.92 is available for download now.

Single Users/SOHO Users Using Direct Internet Updates
For single end users and small network users that update their CAV directly from the Internet at Authentium’s Command Antivirus download pages (NOT through a central local company server), the new version of CAV may be downloaded by opening the CAV application and clicking on the “Update Now” button, then selecting the applicable version or patch to be applied. You may also visit our main download page at:

Galileo/Enterprise Users & Local Network Updates
For users that update their CAV using a central (local) company server, contact your Network Administrator to verify that the new version or patch of CAV (Version 4.91 or higher) has been deployed to your workstation. The latest CAV for Windows Enterprise 4.91 patch may be downloaded by the Network Administrator using Galileo - Authentium’s central management console, or at:

Should you need assistance in remembering your username and password, which may be required for the download, please visit:

To open an electronic support call visit:

If you need additional information, please visit us on the Web at:







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