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Command Software Sets New Record

Delivers Virus Fix in 28 Minutes For Naval Air Weapons Center

8/5, 1997

JUPITER, Fla.-- The story begins when the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Center in California received a text document attached to an E-mail from Washington, D.C. Sounds normal so far? But attached to that E-mail was a virus, waiting to infect. Their system detected the virus, but couldn't identify or destroy it.

The NAVAIR TEAM Virus Administrator David Moore received a call from a distressed colleague about the problem. Moore immediately began phoning anti-virus vendors. The story now turns to Jupiter, Florida and the home of Command Software Systems and its technical support staff. Command delivered a fix within 28 minutes of notification with their F-PROT Professional, breaking the company's internal record.

According to Moore, two vendors responded in a timely manner and two others said they would have to wait for their next monthly update. Datawatch was the second company to provide a quick fix for the Macintosh systems.

Command's "Service That Never Sleeps" provides the only 24-hour, 7 day a week, toll-free technical support available in the industry.