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CIH VIRUS Scheduled to Activate AGAIN on Wednesday, August 26

Command Software Systems Continues to Offer Protection From this Potentially Lethal Virus

8/25, 1998

JUPITER, FL (Business Wire) -- This potentially lethal virus, expected to trigger each month on the 26th day, continues to pose a serious threat to anyone operating in a Windows 95 / Windows 98 environment.

There are currently four reported variants of CIH, one of which has been officially classified as "in-the-wild" as of July, 1998. At a recent Anti-Virus Product Developers (AVPD) meeting, it was reported that there were only a few attacks in July, 1998, probably because the trigger date of July 26 was on a Sunday. AVPD is an anti-virus consortium sponsored by the International Computer Security Association (ICSA). Research indicates that the ability of the CIH virus to affect flash memory is extremely hardware specific.

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