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Command Antivirus™ Automatically Detects Melissa Virus in Files Bearing ".RTF" Extensions

Command Antivirus™ Automatically Detects Melissa Virus in Files Bearing ".RTF" Extensions

5/27, 1999

JUPITER, FL -- Command Software Systems, makers of award-winning Command AntiVirus™, denounces the claim by Symantec that the new Melissa virus now using an .RTF extension may not be detected by any anti-virus software programs, including Symantec's. Instead, the tested and proven detection and disinfection power of Command AntiVirus automatically scans .RTF files by default, once again disabling Melissa's ability to wreak havoc.

This new emergence of Melissa (W97M.Melissa.A), now actively spreading via e-mail transmission in Word documents with an .RTF extension, does not constitute a new variant of Melissa, rather it's merely a Word document whose extension has been renamed from a .DOC extension to an .RTF extension. When Word opens the document, the macro virus will still be present.

According to Dyan Dyer, Chairman and CEO of Command, "It’s evident that our competitor’s users are again vulnerable to Melissa’s disruption. Melissa posed no threat to Command AntiVirus users, however. Command AntiVirus was the only anti-virus product to detect Melissa as an unknown virus when it first appeared - preventing users from accessing the file and becoming infected. Command AntiVirus prevents infection from Melissa’s latest incarnation as well, scanning .RTF files by default. It’s surprising to hear that some anti-virus products don’t scan for .RTF files by default, since WM/CAP.A is a common virus with the .RTF extension that has been it in-the-wild for some time.

"People using Microsoft Word and e-mail should act with caution when opening .RTF files and they should be sure to run an effective anti-virus program on their computers," Dyer further noted. "We offer a free trial copy of Command AntiVirus via our Web site at and we encourage everyone not running our award-winning anti-virus software on their computers to experience the peace of mind that our users have come to expect. "

Command Software, makers of Command AntiVirus (formerly F-PROT Professional®) has earned Checkmark Level Two certification from West Coast Labs. This means that Command AntiVirus has been independently tested and proven to detect 100% of viruses "in-the-wild" (Level One certification), plus employ the industry-leading capability of 100% disinfection of these same viruses (Level Two certification.

For more information about Command Software and its award-winning anti-virus solution, visit our Web site at

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