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Computer Users Beware - New Espionage Trojan Found in the Wild, Command Software First to Post Fix

Subseven.backdoor.C Exposes Computer Systems to Hacker Terrorists

6/14, 1999

JUPITER, FL -- A malicious espionage trojan identified in-the-wild today infected several agencies. This Subseven.backdoor.C trojan is being distributed under various names via newsgroups and e-mail. Command Software Systems has posted an update to its award-winning Command AntiVirus´┐Ż solution that will detect and delete this hacker threat.

When executed, Subseven.backdoor.C creates a special hidden link allowing the hacker to view and control your computer system remotely. This permits the hacker to access files and personal information on your local system or company network.

"Imagine someone standing over your shoulder, being able to see all of your personal information and perform malicious acts of vandalism on your computer or corporate network," stated Dyan Dyer, Chairman and CEO of Command Software Systems. "Compared to the Melissa virus or Explorer worm which created random havoc, this is more of a directed terrorist attack."

Command Software Systems, makers of Command AntiVirus, was the first anti-virus company to identify and post a fix to stop Subseven.backdoor.C from spreading. Shortly after Subseven.backdoor.C appeared in-the-wild, Command Software's Virus Alert Team was able to determine the characteristics of this trojan and immediately post a fix.

Command AntiVirus (formerly F-PROT Professional´┐Ż) has earned Checkmark Level Two certification from West Coast Labs. This means that Command AntiVirus has been independently tested and proven to detect 100% of viruses "in-the-wild" (Level One certification), plus employ the industry-leading capability of 100% disinfection of these same viruses (Level Two certification).

For more information about Subseven.backdoor.C, or to download our latest definition files, visit our Web site at

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