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Version 4.57 Delivers Tougher Protection & Easier "On-Demand" Virus Updates

8/9, 1999

Command Software Systems, Inc., a leading provider of virus detection and disinfection solutions for the corporate, government and educational markets, today released the latest version of its award-winning anti-virus software for Windows 98/95/NT.

Command Anti-Virus 4.57 ensures Command's customers the best defense against the growing threat of computer virus attacks which have doubled each year for the past two years, according to The International Computer Security Association (ICSA), an independent industry research corporation. The new version gives Command's customers faster access to virus updates, an easier-to-use interface called CSS Central and stronger scanning capabilities.

"As computers and networks become more interconnected, they are more vulnerable to virus attacks like Melissa which showed just how fast a virus can propagate," said Dyan Dyer, Command Software's CEO. "With over 40,000 viruses in existence and hundreds of new viruses detected every month, companies must take stronger and proactive measures to protect their systems."

Faster Virus Updates

Command Version 4.57 solves the problem of updating virus definition files with a new "smart" feature, On-Demand Updates, that lets customers click one button to connect to Command�s Web site. On-Demand Updates automatically downloads and install virus updates posted on the site, making it easier to always maintain full protection. Another timesaving feature remembers a customer�s ID and password so customers can skip the login registration process for future updates.

To ensure customers know the exact date of their last virus definition download, this information is displayed in the Help/About drop-down menu. Each time the product is updated, a list of viruses that Command Anti-Virus detects is available.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Command Anti-Virus 4.57 includes a redesigned CSS Central console that enables MIS managers to quickly install and configure the software New features grant network administrators more flexibility setting scanning parameters. For example, wild cards -- which are used to designate related files -- and directories can now be included or excluded from scans.

Other new CSS Central console tools make it easier to create a set of rescue disks which store vital system information and other programs needed to "jump start" a computer or network shut down by a virus. Typically, rescue disks are created during software installation. Now they can be created anytime. Just like Command�s "On-Demand Updates", users click an icon button on the menu bar to create or update a Rescue Disk.

Stronger Scanning Technology

Like the previous versions of Command Anti-Virus, version 4.57 features a muscled-up version of Command's award-winning virus scanning engine which has been tested by independent agencies and proven to be 100% effective in detecting and eliminating known viruses. The scanning engine in Version 4.57 features more than 500 "under-the-hood" improvements.

Version 4.57 also includes an improved version of Command�s proprietary HoloCheck heuristic scanner, which is "smart" enough to sniff out viruses based on behavior rather than a specific virus definition. If a suspicious program acts like a virus and tries to infect other programs, HoloCheck can block and trap these "unknown" -- and as yet unnamed -- viruses.

In March 1999, Command�s HoloCheck scanner was able to recognize and stop the Melissa virus even though its specific virus signature was not yet in its database. Other leading anti-virus products vendors acknowledged their inability to recognize this hitherto unknown strain.

Product Pricing & Availability

Command Anti-Virus 4.57 will ship on August 9th. The new version is available for Windows 98/95/NT. A free demo can be downloaded from the company's Web site (

Command Anti-Virus 4.57 is part of a complete line of anti-virus products available for a wide variety of platforms including Microsoft DOS, Windows 3.1, 95/98, NT and Novell NetWare. The company recently introduced standalone products for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes to provide real-time protection from the growing threat of Internet borne e-mail viruses.

Later this month, Command will introduce a new line of products aimed at Internet Service Providers. The products will deliver anti-virus protection at Internet gateways, allowing ISPs to provide enhanced services to their customers.

Company Information

Command Software Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Jupiter, Florida and operates offices in Campbell, California; London, England; Eindhoven. Holland; and Melbourne, Australia. The company has distribution agreements with resellers in more than a dozen countries. For more information about the company, its products and services, visit Command's Web site or call (800) 423-9147 or (561) 575-3200.

Contact: Wayne Sharp
             561-575-3200 x.4165
             [email protected]