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Command VIP 2000 Guarantees Back-up Security Against Y2K Virus Outbreaks

11/3, 1999

Command Software Systems, Inc., a leading provider of virus scanning technologies and protection services, today announced a new one-, two- or three-month program designed to safeguard computer networks against the surge in virus attacks widely projected to occur at the millennium’s end.

Command VIP (Virus Insurance Program) 2000 provides back-up protection to businesses, government agencies and educational institutions against virus attacks from Dec. 1st, 1999, to Feb. 29th, 2000. The program, which costs $5000 (per month/unlimited seats), guarantees that new customers will have unlimited 24x7 worldwide access to Command’s anti-virus emergency response technicians and Web site and includes use of Command’s powerful virus detection and disinfection solutions.

Other components of Command VIP 2000 include e-mails about system invasions and daily updates on new virus strains. "While no one can say exactly what will happen, organizations absolutely need to aggressively protect themselves with a back-up plan against a potential barrage of new viruses, including some disguised as Y2K bugs," said Dyan Dyer, Command’s president and chief executive officer. "Command VIP 2000 offers companies the same 100 percent-effective insurance enjoyed by our regular customers."

To guarantee immediate user access to Command VIP 2000 resources, the program will be sold on a first-come basis to a limited number of new customers. This selective availability will prevent users from being frustrated by busy telephone lines, long hold times or a clogged web site. The company’s Virus Emergency Response Team will be on 24-hour alert throughout the VIP 2000 coverage period.

"Command VIP 2000 is a powerful contingency plan that can make one aspect of system administrators’ jobs easier by eliminating their worries over virus infection at the start of the millennium," said Ms. Dyer.

About Command

Command Software Systems specializes in protecting some of the world’s largest and most vulnerable computer networks. Its core customers are government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and colleges and universities, including the U.S. Navy, the FBI, Cap Gemini and the Florida Department of Corrections.

Command AntiVirus is available for a wide variety of platforms including Microsoft DOS; Windows 3.x, 95/98/NT; OS/2 Warp; Novell NetWare, Microsoft® Exchange and Lotus® Notes. A free demo of all Commands products can be downloaded from the company’s Web site at

Command Software Systems is based in Jupiter, Fla., and operates offices in Campbell, Calif.; England, UK; Helmond, Netherlands; and Melbourne, Australia. The company has distribution agreements with partners throughout the world. For more information about Command VIP 2000 in the USA, visit Command’s Web site or call (800) 423-9147 or (561) 575-3200, European Headquarters, visit or call (0500) 202 444.

Contact: Wayne Sharp
             561-575-3200 x. 4165
             [email protected]