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KnowledgeSentry Announces Strategic Partnership With Command Anti-Virus

KnowledgeSentry becomes Managed Service Provider (MSP) for Command Anti-Virus, supplying 24x7 Internet-based Security

8/21, 2000

GREENVILLE, SC - KnowledgeSentry, a world-wide provider of internet-based intrusion detection, monitoring and managed security services, today announced that the company has formalized a strategic relationship with Command Software Systems, Inc., a leading provider of virus scanning technologies and protection services. KnowledgeSentry is the first Managed Service Provider (MSP) licensed by Command Software Systems to offer 24x7 services including Command Anti-Virus’s suite of award winning anti-virus products.

This agreement enables KnowledgeSentry to combine Command Anti-Virus's technology in a bundle of software technologies that also includes content filtering, privacy management and intrusion detection services. Knowledge Sentry provides 24x7 real time desktop and workstation monitoring from the company’s Greenville, S.C. Security Operations Center (SOC), giving clients effective expedient monitoring. Knowledge Sentry provides security assessments, security IT consulting and post-intrusion forensics consulting services.

The KnowledgeSentry / Command Anti-Virus relationship is unique because it is the first such security system that is deployed at the desktop and backed by centralized and active traffic monitoring. The bundling allows KnowledgeSentry to make proactive recommendations regarding viral attacks. Trained KnowledgeSentry security consultants conduct research, backtracing and follow-up on known or suspected hackers.

“We are excited to be aligned with Command Anti-Virus,” said Martial Robichaud, President of KnowledgeSentry. “Command Anti-Virus has the largest installed base of Internet email Anti-Virus software in the world, and together we are now able to offer a complete security solution. Command Anti-Virus, the software that detects, identifies and stops email viruses, can now report incidents to a 24x7 facility for active interpretation and appropriate follow-up of suspicious activity.”

“Adding KnowledgeSentry to the Command Anti-Virus team is a great fit for us,”Wayne Firestone, Director of Business Development and US Sales. “Command and KnowledgeSentry together protect some of the world’s largest and most vulnerable computer networks. There is a complement to our core customers including government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and colleges and universities,” Firestone said.

The KnowledgeSentry / Command Anti-Virus partnership is already engaged in strategic applications benefiting a wide range of clients including universities, financial institutions, law firms, and other commercial enterprises.

About KnowledgeSentry

KnowledgeSentry was founded in early 2000 by a team of experienced IT and forensic security experts to address the growing need for internet-based monitored security solutions. KnowledgeSentry provides 24x7 internet-based intrusion detection, monitoring and security management services. Certified personnel detect, identify, interpret and respond immediately to a security threat or attack to the enterprise, ISP or home system. For additional information, visit

About Command Anti-Virus

Command Software Systems, Inc. is based in Jupiter, Fla., and operates offices in Los Gatos, CA, USA.; England, UK; Helmond, Netherlands; and Melbourne, Australia. The company has distribution agreements with partners throughout the world. For more information about Command AntiVirus software in the USA, visit Command’s Web site or call (800) 423-9147 or (561) 575-3200, European Headquarters, visit or call (0500) 202 444. The Asia/Pacific office may be contacted at

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