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‘Command On Demand’ First Fully Portable On-Line Scanning Service

10/30, 2000

JUPITER, FLA. - Calling it a new weapon in the fight against computer viruses, Command Software Systems, Inc. ( today introduced “Command On Demand,” the Internet’s first on-line instant virus scanning and disinfection service for ISPs, ASPs and Web portals that is fully portable to UNIX, Mac, O/S, Linux, NT, Windows 2000 & ME.

Unlike other anti-virus services, this 100 percent portability makes “Command On Demand” fully hostable from an ISP’s, ASP’s or Web portal’s internal site, keeping the customer base secure.

The company also announced today that (, a portal for virus information, will be using “Command On Demand” on its web site under the name “Virus Striker.” The service will be sold to users on quarterly and yearly subscriptions.

Brad Goodyear, president of, said: “Virus Striker (Command On Demand) represents advanced new technology at an exciting time on the Internet as Internet traffic grows making Web surfing a better experience.”

Dyan Dyer, founder, president and CEO of Command Software Systems, said: “With the introduction of our new ‘Command On Demand’ service, ISPs, ASPs, portals and businesses around the world can offer their customers instantly up-to-date virus detection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Computer users can go to a Web site offering the ‘Command On Demand’ service and have their systems checked for viruses. If a virus is detected, ‘Command On Demand’ disinfects their system right on the spot.”

How ‘Command On Demand’ Works

The ‘Command On Demand” service is built around Command Software Systems’ state-of-the-art Command AntiVirus™ product featuring the advanced HoloCheck™ scanning technology, providing unsurpassed detection of even previously unknown viruses.

Once ISPs, ASPs, portals or businesses place “Command On Demand” on their servers, Command Software Systems updates the program every two hours with the latest, most current defense against viruses.

With “Command On Demand,” users can log on to the service and have an instant check of their system. Depending on the user’s connection, a virus check takes a few minutes to perform.

ISPs, ASPs or portals can host “Command On Demand” as a value-added service to its customers, as a subscriber service, or service with banner ads placed above and below the scan engine page.

For business IT directors and network administrators, “Command On Demand” can provide emergency help if a virus attacks an individual system by allowing the administrator to direct all users to go immediately to “Command On Demand” for instant scanning and disinfection.

“Command Software Systems has a proven record of supplying state-of-the-art virus detection and protection,” said Ms. Dyer. “Releasing our portable ‘Command On Demand’ service is another achievement for us it the battle against viruses.”

About Command Software Systems, Inc.

Command Software Systems was established in 1984 and is a leading provider of virus scanning technology and virus protection. Offering supreme customer care with a 24/7/365 Virus Emergency Response Team; Command Software Systems protects the Academic Community, Federal, State and Local Government and Corporations requiring stringent virus protection. Command Software Systems, Inc. is based in Jupiter, Fla., and operates offices in Los Gatos, CA, USA.; England, UK; Helmond, Netherlands; and Melbourne, Australia. The company has distribution agreements with partners throughout the world. For more information about Command AntiVirus software in the USA, visit Command’s Web site or call (800) 423-9147 or (561) 575-3200, European Headquarters, visit or call (0500) 202 444. The Asia/Pacific office may be contacted at

For more information, or to schedule a private demonstration of this product, please click here.

Contact: Mark Segedi
             (800) 423-9147
             [email protected]