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Command Software Systems Warns Public To Be On Guard

11/22, 2000

JUPITER, FLA. Command Software Systems, Inc. today ( warned the public that the software virus known as W95/MTX is spreading more quickly and has the capacity to block users from going to certain anti-virus software vendor Web sites thus preventing access to updates. As a result, users are not able to access the solutions to protect themselves from this and future virus threats.

W95/MTX is a virus, worm, backdoor access Trojan that arrives through email as an attachment, and has a variety of decoy file names. Once launched, it can wipe out files and be difficult to remove.

Some of the file names being reported to entice the user to open the virus program include README.TXT.pif, I_wanna_see_YOU.TXT.pif, MATRiX_Screen_Saver.SCR, LOVE_LETTER_FOR_YOU.TXT.pif, NEW_playboy_Screen_saver.SCR, BILL_GATES_PIECE.JPG.pif, NEW_NAPSTER_site.TXT.pif., and I_am_sorry.DOC.pif.

To help stop the spread of the W95/MTX virus, Command Software Systems is offering ISPs, ASPs and Web portals, free hosting and deployment of its “Command-On-Demand” service for 30 days. This is a fully portable, online, instant scanning and disinfection service which will allow users to come to their sites for a quick scan. For details, call (800) 423-9147 xt. 4195.

“We urge the public to be very careful during the holiday about opening files sent via email, and not to open any file that the user is not expecting,” said Mark Segedi, director of marketing for Command Software Systems. “We also urge users to make sure the anti-virus software program they are using is up to date.”

    About Command Software Systems, Inc.

Based in Jupiter, Fla., Command Software Systems, Inc. ( is a leading provider of anti-virus technology and is the undisputed leader in behavior blocking. Command has been protecting the academic community, government agencies and Fortune 500 corporations since 1984.

Contact: Mark Segedi
             (800) 423-9147 xt. 4127
             [email protected]