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  • Boot Sector Scanning
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    To help fix a damaged or virus-infected Master Boot Record (MSB), Command Antivirus provides a utility to remove unknown boot sector viruses. A virus data file can also be created to be used at a later date for analysis and, if necessary, data recovery.

  • Multiple Scanning Options
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    o Command Antivirus for DOS has been specifically designed to allow three-disk portable solutions. Called via the autoexec.bat file, Command Antivirus for DOS switches allow for a variety of configurations. Scan only once per day, or upon each reboot, with scan results returning error codes or reporting to a log file.

  • On-Access Protection
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    On-access scanning prevents your system from becoming infected between full scans. Dynamic Virus Protection (DVP) provides on-access protection against viruses by scanning the boot sector every time a diskette is read and by scanning every program file prior to execution. The Active Protection menu allows you to enable or disable DVP, select whether to scan diskette drives, local hard drives or network drives, and select the action to take on infection.

  • Automatic Updates
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    This feature allows system administrators to automatically perform partial or full-product updates of Command Antivirus on each workstation when the user starts the computer. Automatic Update also allows each user to manually update a workstation.

  • Holocheck Technology
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    Command's unique HoloCheck technology combines the use of signature files and behavior monitoring to determine virus and virus-like conduct. By monitoring the behavior of files in a protected, virtual environment, Command AntiVirus can identify and protect against both known and unknown viruses. This virtual virology lab safely examines and monitors the behavior and outcome of files, isolating and disinfecting those that are infected before they have the opportunity to execute and infect your system.

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