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Windows 32 Bit Features

  • Scheduled Scanning
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    Scans can be scheduled for a specific day, week, or month. You can specify the time you want the scan to occur, or you can schedule a scan to run after a specified time of inactivity.

  • Other Scanning Options
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    Quick scanning options enable you to activate a shortcut menu that will allow you to perform fast and efficient virus scans of selected folders or files. You may also scan files quickly by utilizing the Command Antivirus drag and drop feature; simply click the object you want scanned, drag the selected object over the CSAV window, and release the mouse button to start the scan. Customized scans allow you to select the action to take, the drive/path to scan, and the files to scan.

  • Dynamic Virus Protection
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    Dynamic Virus Protection (DVP) provides on-access protection against viruses by scanning the boot sector every time a diskette is read and by scanning every program file prior to execution. The Active Protection menu allows you to enable or disable DVP, select whether to scan diskette drives, local hard drives or network drives, and select the action to take on infection.

  • F-Net Logging and Alert Options
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    F-Net provides enterprise-wide logging and alerting, allowing administrators to choose from one central server or multiple servers. Logs can be managed from one central location, providing even further administrative ease. Alerts can be accomplished via Network broadcasts, Numeric Pager, AlphaNumeric Pager, MHS electronic mail, Pegasus Mail, SNMP traps, and FaxWare. The number of recipients is unlimited and all alert messages are indexed and logged for future reference.

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  • AV Scheduler
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    CSAV for Windows 2000/XP includes CSS AV Scheduler, a service that runs scheduled and inactivity scans in the background. With this feature, neither the users' workflow nor the server operations are interrupted while Command's antivirus protection operates invisibly behind the scenes.

  • Holocheck Technology
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    Command's unique HoloCheck technology combines the use of signature files and behavior monitoring to determine virus and virus-like conduct. By monitoring the behavior of files in a protected, virtual environment, Command AntiVirus can identify and protect against both known and unknown viruses. This virtual virology lab safely examines and monitors the behavior and outcome of files, isolating and disinfecting those that are infected before they have the opportunity to execute and infect your system.

  • Centralized Administration Console
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    Instead of file-based administration, CSAV provides a unique user-based interface which allows for the flexibility to group users according to their anti-virus needs, platform, or any other criteria established by the administrator. Simple drag and drop controls makes this grouping even simpler. In addition, by providing a graphical user interface built around standard Microsoft principles, the overall ease of administration increases. Taking this unique concept one step further, the multiple document interface (MDI) facilitates comparisons between groups or users. Synchronization and inherited options facilitate efficient configurations. Automated downloads and deployment of update files, coupled with the ability to configure and deploy individual tasks further enhances the functionality.

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