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Command AntiVirus™ for DOS provides superior protection, providing the same best of breed features found throughout the Command AntiVirus product line. Command AntiVirus for DOS can be run from floppy disk or the local hard drive and scans are always fully-configurable to meet your needs.

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Command AntiVirus™ for DOS is an ideal solution for older PC's or as a portable scanner. Command AntiVirus for DOS protects your system from all types of viruses, including the most stubborn polymorphic and stealth boot sector viruses. Even macro viruses can be detected and disinfected with powerful Command AntiVirus for DOS. Fully configurable switches allow you to easily customize options via the autoexec.bat file, or use the intuitive interface to manage all your scans. Results of scans can be automatically captured to text file or displayed on screen as desired.

System Requirements
IBM compatible 80386 running DOS 3.0 or higher, minimum of 512K of RAM and 2MB of hard disk storage.

Features and Benefits

Command AntiVirus™ provides full protection, customizable to meet your needs:
  • Scan on bootup once a day or each reboot via the autoexec.bat file.
  • Set scans to automatically disinfect or prompt for action
  • Capture scan results to an easy-to-read text file
  • Protects against all types of viruses, including boot sector and macro viruses
  • Over 70 file types scanned by default
  • All Files can be chosen for deep, intensive scans
  • Command AntiVirus features the best track record in the industry for detecting previously unknown viruses.