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Command AntiVirus™ for Linux provides superior protection, providing the same best of breed features found throughout the Command AntiVirus product line. Command AntiVirus for Linux can be run from your local hard drive and scans are always fully-configurable to meet your needs.

Command AntiVirus for Linux protects your system from all types of viruses, including the most stubborn polymorphic and stealth boot sector viruses. Even macro viruses can be detected and disinfected with powerful Command AntiVirus for DOS. Command AntiVirus for Linux can be configured to perform scheduled scans when used with the Linux cron utility.

System Requirements
  • An IBM-compatible computer with a 386 or higher CPU.
  • Any version of Red Hat Linux version 6.0 or higher, or SuSE Linux 6.2 or higher that is using the 2.0 kernal or higher.
  • At least 3.0 MB of available hard disk space.
  • GLIBC_2.0 or GLIBC_2.1 "C" runtime library.
  • Features and Benefits

    • Uses advanced technology to scan for tens of thousands of known viruses and their variants
    • Safely removes viruses without damaging the original file
    • Scans for images of boot sector viruses, macro viruses, and Trojan Horses
    • Scans hard drives, diskettes, CD-ROMS, network drives, directories, and specific files
    • Scans PKZIP-compressed files and compressed executables including PKLite, DIET, ICE-PACK, WWPacked, ZIP, ARJ, RAR, CAB, TAR, LZH, and GZ
    • Can be configured to perform scheduled scans when used with the Linux cron utility