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Command AntiVirus™ for Windows NT was one of the very first products to be awarded Secure Computing's West Coast Labs Checkmark certification. This prestigious endorsement signifies Command Software's ability to not only detect 100% of viruses in the wild, but to disinfect them as well. With Command AntiVirus defending your PC, you can focus on everything but virus concerns.

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Command AntiVirus™ seamlessly integrates into the NT operating system, running as a service to provide true "Set & Forget" protection. Whether browsing the Internet, reading email, or working in your favorite software program, Command AntiVirus will quietly and efficiently prevent computer viruses or other forms of malware from affecting your system. In an online environment, where over 300 new viruses are released monthly, this peace of mind only comes when the best in defense is hard at work protecting you.

System Requirements
Microsoft® Windows NT v. 4.0, 7MB available hard drive space, and an IBM-compatible PC meeting the minimum system requirements of the operating system.

Features and Benefits

Command AntiVirus™ provides full protection, customizable to meet your needs:
  • Manual on-demand scanning
    • Pre-configured tasks allow click-of-the button scanning
    • Right-click scan any file or folder from the desktop or Explorer
  • Scheduled scanning
    • Scans can be preset to run during of inactivity or
    • Schedule scans for any time, day, or period
  • Dynamic Virus Protection for realtime scans
    • Seamless security works in the background protecting your system while you work
    • On-access scanning provides automatic detection and disinfection
  • Over 70 file types scanned by default
  • All Files can be chosen for deep, intensive scans
  • Command AntiVirus features the best track record in the industry for detecting previously unknown viruses.