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Senior Management

Authentium�s senior management and proposed key hires include executives with significant experience in Internet security and threat analysis, banking, cable TV & satellite, ISP, software development, telecommunications, and secure content management industries. All executives have worked extensively internationally, and have a proven history of successful start-ups. In addition, all three founders have managed large-scale projects with infrastructure costs in excess of US$100 million dollars.

John C Sharp, Chairman & CEO
    Authentium�s co-founder, Chairman & CEO is John Sharp, 42, former Managing Director for Asia of WorldSpace Corp, a satellite broadcaster based in Washington DC, and CEO of Content and Systems, Singapore, a consultancy firm specializing in Asian cable and satellite regulatory work, and consumer marketing. Prior to joining Authentium, Mr. Sharp successfully helped restructure over $500 million in debt and equity on behalf of Rock Creek Capital of Washington DC, and prior to that established and operated six marketing and sales offices throughout Asia and oversaw the construction of WorldSpace Corp�s $250 million satellite and ground station construction project in Asia, in addition to its region-wide government regulatory efforts.

Dyan Dyer, Vice-Chairman
    Prior to Command, Ms. Dyer founded an accounting business in Canada, which specialized in documentation for public offerings on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Through strategic investments, she acquired technology which led to the formation of Command Software Systems, now one of the leaders in Internet security technology. She has extensive experience with both public and private companies and has built the Company to its current position of industry leadership. Ms. Dyer, 53 years old, has been Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Command Software Systems since founding the Company in 1984.

Phil Braden, President
    The Company�s co-founder and President, Philip Braden, 42, was formerly CEO of Mindport Inc. USA, Vice President of Asian satellite television company STAR TV, and Executive Vice President of Middle Eastern satellite broadcaster Orbit Communications, based in Rome. Mr. Braden oversaw entry of Mindport Broadband into the United States and engineered the acquisition of Ideal Systems, one of Asia�s leading system integrators, and several multimillion dollar sales contracts, including a major contract with TVB, based in Hong Kong, for the Asian region. Mr. Braden is a recognized expert in digital distribution strategies and took the top award for digital system design and system architecture at the International Broadcasting Convention in 1995.

Michiel de Bruijn, CTO
    Educated at the University of Amsterdam, Michiel has been involved in the design and deployment of Internet solutions since 1991. In 1994, he was responsible for developing, localizing and releasing a complete client/server messaging system. Following this, he worked on a major software development product, as well as a line of interactive entertainment products for the music industry. In recognition of his efforts to promote the use of Microsoft development products and assist developers, he twice received a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. After joining the MIH group of companies in 1996, Michiel worked on developing the support infrastructure for the first major operational digital TV platform in Europe and on solving various problems related to IP control data handling as well as the Electronic Program Guide (EPG). When MIH started providing large-scale Internet access in South Africa in 1997, he was instrumental in setting up operations and developed a major web-based content management application as well as links between the Web and the legacy business system. More recently Michiel has been involved with a variety of high-tech implementation and business development projects within Mindport, the technology arm of the MIH group. Michiel is a member of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) as well as a regular contributor to several magazines in the field of software development.

Helmuth Freericks, CEO Global RISC & VP Research & Development
    As head of Research and Development for Command Software, one of the leading antivirus and Internet security research companies, Helmuth Freericks has worked at the leading edge of Internet security innovation and threat analysis for more than ten years. Mr. Freericks is an experienced software programmer with over twenty years experience in the software sector. Prior to his appointments with Command, Mr. Freericks was Director of Research and Development (Networking) at Peerless Systems, and Manager of System Software at Quotron Systems, Inc./Citicorp. Mr. Freericks holds a Bachelor of Science equivalent degree from the Technical University of Eindhoven (Holland), where he studied computer programming languages, computer design, integrated circuit design, economics, business administration, mathematics, and physics.

Charles Gallopo, Acting CFO
    Mr. Gallopo began his professional career in public accounting at Arthur Andersen & Co. In private industry, he has held several senior executive positions as CFO, COO, and CEO and he has multi-industry and international experience with both public and private companies. Mr. Gallopo, who is 60 years old, is a graduate of Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Mr. Gallopo is a certified public accountant.

Scott Rickard, VP Curtains for Windows
    Authentium�s Vice President of Network Sales, Scott Rickard, 39, is a security and telecommunications expert having spent eight years with the NSA, plus three years with Convergent Networks, and five years as a consultant to Xerox and several other US corporations. Mr. Rickard is an expert in telecommunications services, Windows operating system and networking environments and technical sales, and spent several years working as an engineer at NASA, prior to joining the NSA. In addition to English, Mr. Rickard is fluent in both Korean and Arabic.

Peter Nielsen, VP Trusted Antivirus
    Authentium�s Vice President of Trusted Antivirus, Peter Nielsen, 48, is a former ISP owner and operator, GTE SpaceNet executive, and Authentium co-founder (the name �Authentium� was contributed by Mr. Nielsen). Up until his appointment with Authentium, Mr. Nielsen managed the Global Voice Registry Project for VeriSign. In addition to his work with GTE, now Verizon, Mr. Nielsen worked on the startup team for Gilat Satellite, and was SVP Multimedia for WorldSpace Corporation, based in Washington DC.

Vincent E. Roccanova, VP Operations
    Authentium�s VP of Operations, Vincent E. Roccanova has over 27 years of managerial and technical experience in the computer and data communications industry. For the past six years, Mr. Roccanova has been responsible for directing Command Software's MIS/IT, Customer and Technical Support, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, Security and Facilities departments. Mr. Roccanova is an expert at defining and implementing business process automation, developing customer-centric support and fulfillment initiatives, and providing internal management of infrastructure and resources. Prior to joining Command Software Systems in 1996, Mr. Roccanova held positions as Director of Operations, Director of Manufacturing, Director of Technical Services/QA and Director of Customer Service. Mr. Roccanova holds a BA degree in Business Management from Florida Atlantic University.

Doug Brunt, VP Business Development
    Vice President of Business Development, Doug Brunt, 30, was formerly an Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton and a Project Leader at IdeaLab. At IdeaLab, Mr. Brunt spent several years working on specialty database system design and marketing. Mr. Brunt in an expert in Internet insurance and risk management systems and has overseen the negotiation, within AIG Insurance, of Authentium�s identity fraud protection and merchant risk management programs, in addition to Authentium�s Educator branding strategy, and Authentium�s relationships with AIG, and Marsh, Inc, the leading underwriter of e-business insurance.


Oleg Koeznetsov, Director of Research & Development
    Mr. Kouznetsov has been a Director of Research and Development - Command Products since November 1997. Before that he worked as Systems Development Manager for YBM Magnex, Inc. from 1995 through 1997, and at Magnex RT, in Budapest, Hungary as Product Manager from 1994 through 1995 before immigrating to the United States. Mr. Kouznetsov is an expert technologist and holds several security software patents, which were transferred to an American Company in 1995. Mr. Kouznetsov has developed several sophisticated computer software security systems for various Windows platforms and is the author of Command Software�s Security Advisor Technology project.

Gustav Karlsson, Director of Trusted Platforms
    Mr. Karlsson has been a co-Director of Research and Development, Special Projects since April 1997. Before that he worked as Vice President Research and Development at JANUS Group Technologies in South Africa from 1994 through 1997 before immigrating to the United States. Mr. Karlsson is 37 years old.

Demetrius Tsitrelis, Director, Windows Security Specialist
    Mr. Tsitrelis is a Windows technology and Security Specialist. Mr. Tsitrelis is a Microsoft Certified Visual C++ 6/0 Desktop Developer and has been leading the team that develops the Command AntiVirus product line. He has extensive knowledge of Microsoft based communication and client server interfaces and general commercial software development.

Tzvetan Chaliavski, Head Researcher, Internet Security Threats
    Mr. Chaliavski has been Head Researcher, Internet Security Threats and Virus researcher at Command Software Systems, Inc. since 1997. In this role he covers a wide range of virus and other malware threat research. He also takes a leading role in the co-development of the core anti virus scan engine and the various multi-platform development toolkits Command Software licenses to OEM customers. Prior to joining Command Mr. Chaliavski had five years experience performing Virus research at the National Laboratory of Computer Virology in Bulgaria.

Peter Herzog, Director, Inside Sales
    Authentium�s Director of Inside Sales spent the last the last 2 � years as Director of U.S. sales for Command Software Systems. Prior to Command, Mr. Herzog worked with - the premiere site for e-learning, and at Pro Web Cast. Mr. Herzog studied business and marketing at New York Institute of Technology.

Danny Ross, Director, Product Development
    Command's Director of Product Management and Marketing, Danny Ross, 38, was formerly a "Million Dollar Club" National Sales Representative for InaCom. Mr. Ross joined Command in 1997 as a Sales Representative and two years later became US Sales Manager. In 2000 Mr. Ross took on the challenge of growing the Command product line worldwide.


Authentium�s Technical Advisory Board includes experts from the broadband, security, banking, and risk management industries, including:
  • William Adamopoulos, Singapore-based head of Forbes Asia and former publisher of the Asian Wall Street Journal;

  • Ng Eng Ho; Managing Director of Singapore-based transportation and communication conglomerate Keppel T & T;

  • Peter Smith; former CTO of News Corporation, and Director of identity management, software protection and electronic brand management company Digimarc;

  • Dr. Richard Rahn; former head of the US Chamber of Commerce, Washington DC-based government policy media pundit and financial privacy expert;

  • Anthony Wechselberger; patent expert, cryptology, and content encryption expert;

  • Brian McCarthy; former Cablevision and NTL executive and consultant to the cable industry;

  • International banking, insurance and risk management experts James Ritter and Bruce MacQueen;

  • Bob King; online banking pioneer, former Motorola executive and Magis Networks senior executive;

  • David Goldstein; digital distribution expert and consultant to Microsoft, Blockbuster, Best Buy and RadioShack;

  • Jeremy Loyd, director of Carlton TV, OnDigital, and Blackwell Publishing in the UK;

    The Advisory Board is chaired by Mr. John J. Cusick, former GE senior executive, WorldSpace Corporation President, and co-founder and former CEO of PrimeStar, America�s first DTH satellite TV network.

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