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Command AntiVirus™ for Microsoft® Exchange is specifically designed to protect the Microsoft Exchange environment from today's virus threats. E-mail and groupware provide ease of sharing information, which may also facilitate the spread of virus infection. Virus entry points need real-time protection. Command AntiVirus� for Microsoft� Exchange secures virus entry points, employing HoloCheck™ scanning technology to stop both known and unknown viruses before they can infiltrate your organization.

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All incoming mail is scanned in real-time to protect your system from outside threats. Infected attachments are stopped before they reach the user's mailbox, preventing them from infecting your system. Public Folder and Mailbox Scanning Command AntiVirus for Microsoft Exchange guards groupware functions, offering the triple protection of on-access, scheduled and on-demand scanning. If a virus is found, Command AntiVirus disposes of it according to the action on infection option specified. Customizable messages are sent to notify the sender, recipient and administrator.

Command AntiVirus employs advanced HoloCheck� scanning technology to safely and accurately determine virus and virus-like conduct. While many vendors claim to provide heuristic scanning capabilities to detect previously unknown viruses, their techniques were no match for Melissa. A hundred thousand users discovered this when confronted with the Melissa virus. While other companies scrambled to provide software updates for detection, Command AntiVirus was calmly alerting users of the attack.

System Requirements
Pentium CPU running Microsoft Exchange Server release 5.0 and higher with 96 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended), 30 MB of available hard disk space, Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.51 with Service Pack 5 and higher, Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 with Service Pack 3 or higher.

NOTE: If you are experiencing difficulties with memory usage prior to installing the program, you may need to increase your server�s memory to insure the proper operation of Command AntiVirus.

Features and Benefits

Command AntiVirus for Microsoft® Exchange 2000 - This product has been designed specifically for Exchange 2000 and the Microsoft® AVAPI 2.0. There are many outstanding benefits to this combination, which greatly enhance the product family including:
  • New! SMTP Internet email scanning
  • Complete reporting including Sender and Recipient
  • Email body scanning
  • Zipped file scanning
  • Embedded message scanning
  • Enhanced notifications
  • Inclusion/Exclusion of folders
  • Non-MAPI folders scanning
  • Automatic update

Command AntiVirus for Microsoft® Exchange 5.x (we offer an AVAPI 1.x or MAPI version)
  • Automatic protection for all virus entry points
  • On-access scanning of e-mail and attachments
  • On-access, scheduled and on-demand scanning of public folders and mailboxes
  • Automatic disinfection of infected attachments
  • Configurable scanning, action on infection and reporting options maximize administrative control
  • Flexible scheduling of scan tasks
  • Full control of items to include/exclude from scan list
  • Full range of options for action on infection
  • Easy-to-customize notification system
  • Automatic updating of the latest virus signatures for up-to-the-minute virus protection
  • Automatic Disinfection - disinfects on-the-fly
  • Quarantine - moves infected e-mail objects to a Quarantine folder
  • Log Infection and Continue - records information on infected mail to a log file and continues scanning
  • Sender and Recipient reporting (MAPI version only)

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