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F-Net Solutions

F-Net provides enterprise-wide logging and alerting complete with full management capabilities of pertinent information. Administrators may choose from one central server or multiple servers. Logs can be managed from one central location, providing even further administrative ease. Alerts can be accomplished via Network broadcasts, Numeric Pager, AlphaNumeric Pager, MHS electronic mail, Pegasus Mail, SNMP traps, and FaxWare. The number of recipients is unlimited and all alert messages are indexed and logged for future reference. F-Net capabilities are included with:

  • Command AntiVirus for Windows 3.1x
  • Command AntiVirus for Windows 95
  • Command AntiVirus for Windows 98
  • Command AntiVirus for Windows NT, and
  • Command AntiVirus for Windows 2000

Using F-Net, administrators are provided options to skip compressed and/or migrated files, preserve last access date, and determine which of their NetWare servers should act as the central logging facility. In addition, the �Disable connection� option can be used to prevent infected workstations from connecting to the network. When blocked, the action generates a broadcast message to the affected workstation and an alert message to all designated recipients. Only the administrator can reconnect the workstation, either via the management console or directly from the file server. This important security measure prevents an infected workstation from posing a risk to other critical network resources.

F-Net can be easily configured for use simply by making a minor edit to the setup.ini file, or in the case of Windows 2000, an edit to the setup.msi file. Once accomplished, F-Net capabilities will be present in the Preferences/Advanced menu. Used in conjunction with CSS Central, or further modifications to the setup initialization files, changes to this menu can be prohibited except by the administrator. This high degree of control ensures logging and reporting of all affected systems throughout the enterprise. When F-Net is used in conjunction with Command AntiVirus for NetWare Administration, servers, logs, and alerts can be easily managed from one central console.

System Requirements
F-Net must be installed on the client workstations as part of the normal setup process for Command AntiVirus. Additionally, Command AntiVirus for NetWare must be installed and configured as the central logging server. Central logging servers can be pre-configured on the client via the setup initialization file or via CSS-Central.

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