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Gordano's NTMail with Command Interceptor™ provides scaleable Internet messaging solutions for a wide range of platforms - without requiring a dedicated server! In their March 2000 reviews, Secure Computing describes NTMail as ""a big and powerful product that has earned a reputation for being easy to use and maintain, a laudable attribute when one considers the complex matrix of concerns that need to be addressed in order to create a truly secure and robust email system." With Command interceptor, NTMail is secure against attack from hackers or viruses, providing full logging and configuration saving options to guard against system failures - giving complete peace of mind.

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NTMail with Command Interceptor™ Features and Benefits
  • Easy to configure
    • NTMail is designed with a user-friendly WWW interface for local or remote administration. Internet mail can be very complex to set up so NTMail comes with defaults that will work.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
    • NTMail makes very efficient use of both human and system resources. NTMail does not demand a dedicated server, which means that you get more for your money!
  • Secure
    • NTMail is secure against attack from hackers or viruses with full logging and configuration saving options to guard against system failures - giving complete peace of mind.
  • High performance
    • NTMail is quick to install and once installed can deliver large quantities of email quickly and efficiently.
  • Confident Future
    • NTMail is used by tens of thousands of companies, and is being improved continuously. New features are often released as a result of customer and reviewer input.
  • System Requirements:
    Gordano's NTMail with Command Interceptor is designed to fit on a variety of platforms. A datasheet is available to provide full details.

    Partner Opportunities
    Command Interceptor is ideally suited for any security product, including firewalls, backup software, or email programs. If you are a developer or integrator interested in taking advantage of Command's open partnership, visit our Partners Solution Center for full details on how you can place the superior protection of Command Interceptor in your product.

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