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Gordano's GLWebMail with Command Interceptor™ provides award-winning thin-client solutions to securely track and manage email from virtually any location. "GLWebMail offers immediate value for a number of applications. It can be installed in an enterprise that already has a mail solution, but which does not offer Web-based access, and be used specifically for that function. It can be applied where two companies have merged and have disparate mail systems, to offer a client-side bridge for those employees who must have counts on both systems. For the price, it's hard to beat." InternetWeek, July 10, 2000

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GLWebMail with Command Interceptor™ Features and Benefits
  • Flexible
    • Any employee can manage their email from any machine (even from home).
  • Intuitive
    • Easy and familiar to use for both new and experienced users.
  • Lower TCO
    • Reduces the cost of installing and maintaining mail clients on all your PCs and MACs.
  • High performance
    • High performance on a small system - also capable of load sharing across multiple PCs.
  • Secure
    • Passwords encrypted and browser "back" button disabled.
  • Scaleable
    • Can be used with any Internet Mail server.
  • Efficient
    • Consolidate many disparate mail accounts and use personalities to maintain consistency.
  • System Requirements:
    Gordano's GLWebMail with Command Interceptor is designed to fit on a variety of platforms. A datasheet is available to provide full details.

    Partner Opportunities
    Command Interceptor is ideally suited for any security product, including firewalls, backup software, or email programs. If you are a developer or integrator interested in taking advantage of Command's open partnership, visit our Partners Solution Center for full details on how you can place the superior protection of Command Interceptor in your product.


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