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Newsletters/Winter 1997 (6 of 6)

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CSS Slayed the Angel of Death

Jeff Stak, Command Software Sales Representative, received an unnerving call several weeks ago from a systems administrator working at a school district in the Northeast.

The technician was yelling "help", because a student had changed a REM statement to read: "I am The Angel of Death!" The phrase ran, continuously, in a loop; causing several PC’s to function improperly.

Jeff immediately called Command Software’s Technical Support Department, who straightened out the autoexec.bat file and determined that the problem was "student mischief" and not a virus.

The administrator was pleased with the quick resolution and purchased a number of Command Software’s F-PROT Professional products.

No word on the fate of the mischievous student.

Customers Take Command
  • "I downloaded your F-PROT program on trial software, and installed it. Within 30 seconds of configuring the program, and starting it, my virus was gone, and I was amazed. You folks do produce one hell of a great program. I am often disappointed in the quality of software these days, but I will be purchasing yours, and will be recommending the purchase of 17 copies for my job. Thank you for a great, quality product; and for allowing me the courtesy use of it to solve my particular problem." J.C., New Jersey
  • "Just a quick note to let you know what a great product you have. My boss’s machine picked up a Form virus in the MBR. I had to kill the MBR, and completely reload the machine (about 12 hours of work). I thought there was no way to safely remove this virus without trashing the HD. I then had 5 other machines to clean and reload. It took F-PROT about 5 minutes to safely clean the virus, and restore the machines. What a difference!! It also does a great job of cleaning the floppies (we found about 150 infected disks). Great job!" S.B., Florida
  • "I would be happy to introduce some of our software buyers and managers to your Channel Manager. I have had a very pleasant experience so far with your organization and I think your product is GREAT!!!" G.S., Texas
  • "I do Internet seminars throughout the U.S.A., Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. Over a year ago, I was told by an anti-virus expert that F-PROT was one of the top three anti-virus software in the world. I have recommended your software in my seminars. However, it was based on my expert friend; not on real evaluation.

    However, in the past week, my wife discovered that she had a stealth-boot.c virus on her PC at work. In her department, they use Norton. So, being who I am; after installing her Norton in her company machine at home, I then proceeded to install it (Norton) in my PC.

    What I got, after I wrote the path in autoexec.bat (that froze my PC): "Know Message." I then rewrote my autoexec.bat, and got out. Then, I downloaded F-PROT Several positives occurred:

    1. I have been downloading files and unzipping using packware. Your company was the first one that located my packware, and unzipped my file. A+
    2. After downloading F-PROT, I also got the message that halted the scanning process. However, unlike Norton, you provide specific instructions to activate process through my A drive with a clean diskette. I also had called for back-up support; and their recommendation was to remove all software from my harddrive. You get another A+.

    I will continue to advance your cause in my seminars." M.W., New Jersey

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any comments regarding Command Software’s products or services, send an e-mail to the In Command Editor: [email protected].

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