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1998 Press Releases/November 30, 1998


Command AntiVirus -- Accurately Disinfects 100% of Viruses "In-the-Wild"

JUPITER, FL (Business Wire) -- November 30, 1998 -- Command AntiVirus™ (formerly F-PROT Professional®) in keeping with its superior ability to detect viruses, receives the distinguished Checkmark Level Two certification from West Coast Labs for its disinfection capabilities, providing independent verification that Command AntiVirus is the industry leader in the ability to detect and disinfect viruses.

"We have some really tough competition in McAfee and Symantec, but Command AntiVirus has

proven to be an anti-virus solution to reckon with," said Dyan Dyer, President and CEO of Command Software Systems, makers of Command AntiVirus. "As usual, we were one of the first to receive this certification."

Achieving Checkmark Level Two certification is no small feat. Anti-virus products must undergo a series of rigorous tests against "in-the-wild" viruses. These tests are repeated at regular intervals to ensure the effectiveness of the product. Command AntiVirus has already proven its ability meet the standards of Checkmark Level One certification, demonstrating the strength to detect 100% of viruses "in-the-wild." Now it is independently certified to disinfect 100% of these viruses as well, a requirement of Level Two certification. The ability of Command AntiVirus to flawlessly detect and disinfect "in-the-wild" viruses, leaving all documents and computer systems in tact, has been a Command AntiVirus trademark for many years.

"The fact that we were one of the first products to certify certainly says a lot about our product," said Dyer. "We have excelled at disinfection for years and I’m glad that it is now official. We have not only established our expertise and innovation in the anti-virus industry, we are letting the world know that we offer a state-of-the-art anti-virus solution, and a true commitment to our customers, keeping our product current and 100% effective."

Checkmark certification sets the standard for computer security products, similar to governmental agency standards giving the public indications on the trustworthiness of certain products.




Command AntiVirus featuring HoloCheck(TM) scanning technology provides multi-layered protection from thousands of computer and Internet viruses and is available on multiple platforms. This cutting-edge software also contains CSS Central(TM), the industry’s finest centralized administration and deployment tool with scheduled, automatic updates and "set-

and-forget" system management options.

In addition to the new West Coast Labs Checkmark Level Two certification, Command AntiVirus

was the first product to receive certification from ICSA (formerly NCSA), and has subsequently earned the Virus Bulletin 100% award and certification from Novell for NetWare 5. Further, Command AntiVirus has received the designation of "Pick of ‘98" by Secure Computing Magazine, announced in the December 1998 issue.

To find out more about Command Software Systems and Command AntiVirus, visit our Web site at



West Coast Labs’ Checkmark Level Two certification system tests to see that products can indeed detect and disinfect those viruses which are actually causing infection in the real world. This gives a clear and independent indication to end users of those anti-virus products that can be relied on.

During the repeat testing of each anti-virus product, failure to preserve the level of detection and disinfection once certified under Checkmark Level Two will cause suspension and even withdrawal of certification if the manufacturer does not improve the products detection and disinfection capabilities. This means that the users can rely on Checkmarked products since the manufacturers are making a serious commitment to the quality of their products and that it is being independently verified by West Coast Labs.

Users can easily verify that a product has a Checkmark by looking at the product box to see if it caries the Checkmark logo, or by contacting West Coast Labs at

The anti-virus Checkmark is the dominant global standard of effectiveness of anti-virus products. All major anti-virus solution developers are participating in the Checkmark system, although only two, including Command AntiVirus, have received Level Two certification. The Checkmark system is widely regarded as the most reliable measure of real-world standards.


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