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1999 Press Releases/January 25, 1999

he Cost of Protecting Your Company’s E-Mail and Groupware Environment from Viruses Just Became More Attractive with Command AntiVirus™ for Lotus® Notes

JUPITER, FL (PR NEWSWIRE) -- January 25, 1999 -- Command Software Systems, makers of Command AntiVirus™ with F-PROT Professional®, is making an irresistible half price offer as part of their introduction of Command AntiVirus™ for Lotus® Notes. During this 90-day introductory period, a 25-user license will cost only $378.50. This is 50% off the standard list price of $757.

Command AntiVirus is a product long recognized for its unsurpassed virus detection and disinfection capabilities, and is one of only two companies in the world to have been awarded Checkmark Level Two certification for disinfection of 100% in-the-wild viruses. While Command is foremost in its ability to detect and disinfect viruses, it is not commonly known that most of the competition can not reliably disinfect contaminated files. Their answer is often deletion. With the successful debut of Command AntiVirus for Lotus Notes at Lotusphere, comes the ultimate virus protection for Lotus® Notes and Lotus® Domino environments.

Command AntiVirus for Lotus Notes offers a safe and secure enterprise through the deployment of HoloCheck™ scanning technology which secures all virus entry points, including e-mail, database and replication activities. Customers receive fully configurable scanning options; flexible administration of servers, databases and reporting; and automatic updating of product and the latest virus signatures.


"Lotus Notes and Domino environments can inadvertently function as macro virus distribution networks, " states Laurel Drazen, Brand Manager of Command AntiVirus. "E-mail and shared files are the primary means of transmission of macro viruses, leaving the Lotus Notes and Domino environments vulnerable to infection. Command AntiVirus stops viruses before they can do any damage or spread, offering real-time protection."

Command AntiVirus' award-winning HoloCheck search engine offers unbeatable anti-virus protection. In addition to Checkmark certification Command AntiVirus has earned certifications from Virus Bulletin, Novell and ICSA. Users can depend on Command AntiVirus to eliminate the threat of both known and "in-the-wild" viruses.


(561) 575-3200 (ex. 4163)
[email protected]

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