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Dos LogoServing multiple platforms in one package, Command AntiVirus features a redesigned, state-of-the-art scan engine designed to track down and disinfect today's new generation of viruses.

Command AntiVirus� for NetWare offers comprehensive virus protection for Novell� NetWare servers. CSAV For Netware gives administrators the ability to configure multiple concurrent scans, allowing tremendous flexibility for choosing what, when and how often to scan. With a full-featured protection system that includes real-time monitoring and disinfection, Command AntiVirus for NetWare provides constant vigilance, guarding all points of entry.

Features and Benefits




Real-time disinfection capabilities allow CSAV for Netware to automatically rename, disinfect, delete, or quarantine infected files, eliminating user disruption when a virus is found.
Centralized installation, management, and updating features, including the ability to install from any Windows workstation or directly from system console.
Command AntiVirus log to record the results of real-time, scheduled and manual scans, as well as reports of infected files. Report messages are indexed and logged for future reference.
Scheduled or on-demand scanning of network drives, with the ability to include/exclude migrated or compressed files.




Enterprise-wide alerting for unlimited recipients, including numeric pager alerts, Alpha-numeric pager alerts, MHS mail alerts, Pegasus mail alerts, SNMP alerts, FaxWare alerts, and network broadcast alerts. CSAV for Netware also forwards alerts from backup, auditing and other network products.
NetWare Directory Services (NDS) and bindery independent.
Disable workstation connection feature prevents an infected workstation from attaching to or using network resources.
Easy-to-use Windows� interface and powerful console control.
Real-time monitoring of network traffic prevents infected programs from loading.

System Requirements

  • IBM-compatible server with 16mb of RAM above and beyond the minimum amount of RAM recommended for running Novell� NetWare.

  • Command AntiVirus for NetWare protects Novell NetWare 3.1x, 4.1x, and 5x. Command AntiVirus for NetWare runs independently of both bindery and NDS.

  • NetWare Client32 is required to run the Command AntiVirus for NetWare Administration program. Command AntiVirus for NetWare Administration is compatible with Microsoft� Windows� 95, Windows� 98, Windows NT�, and Windows� 2000.

    NOTE: Due to the NetWare Client 32 requirement, Command AntiVirus for NetWare Administration does not run on Windows� 3x.

  • For the deployment and updating processes of Command AntiVirus to work properly, the IPX-SPX services on NetWare servers must be enabled.

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