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CSS Central™ provides administrators with a powerful proactive tool to effectively manage and maintain the anti-virus strategy from a centralized console. Instead of file-based administration, CSS Central presents a unique user-based interface which allows for the flexibility to group users according to their anti-virus needs, platform, or any other criteria established by the administrator. Simple drag and drop controls makes this grouping even simpler. In addition, by providing a graphical user interface built around standard Microsoft principles, the overall ease of administration increases. Taking this unique concept one step further, the multiple document interface (MDI) facilitates comparisons between groups or users. Synchronization and inherited options facilitate efficient configurations. Automated downloads and deployment of update files, coupled with the ability to configure and deploy individual tasks further enhances the functionality.

Centralized Task Management
Centralized Task Management provides for the administration of task files on remote machines. Administrators can display tasks and scan statistics and change settings to individual task files, including action to take on infection and scheduling functions. Additional task files can be deployed to a single user, a group of users, or throughout the entire organization.

Centralized Configuration Management
Centralized Configuration Management provides for the administration of CSAV settings on remote machines, including the ability to deploy settings to remote machines by selection and/or group. Two-way synchronization pushes the desired configuration to the user or group, or can pull the configuration from the user or group and reset the user/group properties on the management side.

Locking Mechanism
Remote configuration settings can be locked to prevent modification by unauthorized users, yet still allow for local task creation. Users can be prevented from disabling on-access scanning, or changing the action to take on infection. In addition, specific file types can be included or excluded, e-mail notification can be specified, and centralized logging can be managed with no worries that the user will disable or change the configuration.

Automated Pull
Administrators can schedule updates and product downloads for all licensed platforms. Files will be automatically downloaded to the appropriate staging directories. On-demand downloads can be accomplished by the clicking of a button. A secondary FTP site can also be specified.

Automated Deployment
Administrators can deploy the updated files to users in two ways:

  1. Update files can be automatically "pushed" to users
  2. Users can automatically "pull" the files at their next login or at a preset time

Administration Features

  • Can administer a single user or groups of users
  • Groups and users are displayed in a tree view
  • Drag and drop support for users and groups
  • Inherited settings promotes efficiency
  • User objects are denoted with platform-specific icons
  • Group nodes are expandable/collapsible
  • Allows multiple administrators to maintain a group of users from different locations
  • Automated notification if an infection is found

CSS Central can be used to administer the following:

  • Command AntiVirus v4.5 and later for Windows® 95/98
  • Command AntiVirus v4.5 and later for Windows NT® 3.51/4.00 Workstation
  • Command AntiVirus v4.5 and later for Windows NT® 3.51/4.00 Server

For more information, please refer to the CSS Central White Paper.

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