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Command AntiVirus™ for Lotus® Notes is a must-have for Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino environments, where ease of sharing information can also facilitate virus distribution. Providing real-time virus protection for e-mail and groupware, Command AntiVirus employs HoloCheck™ scanning technology to secure virus entry points - e-mail, database and replication activities. If you are running Lotus Notes or Lotus Domino, you need Command AntiVirus for Lotus Notes to stop viruses before they can infiltrate your organization and be sent out to others.

  • Automatic protection for all virus entry points (e-mail, database and replication activities)
  • On-access scanning of mail and attachments
  • On-access, scheduled and on-demand scanning of databases
  • Real-time database replication scanning
  • Full-Control Administration
    • Configurable scanning, action on infection and reporting options maximize administrative control
    • Flexible administration of servers, databases, scheduling and reporting
    • Fully integrated, native Notes application ensures ease of use
    • Automatic updating of the latest virus signatures for up-to-the-minute virus protection

E-mail Scanning

All incoming and outgoing mail is scanned in real-time. If an infection is found, the attachment is disinfected according to the action on infection option chosen by the administrator. Customizable messages are sent to notify the sender, recipient and administrator.

Database and Replication Scanning

On-demand scanning ensures that databases are virus-free on setup. Real-time scanning protects database documents when they are modified and on replication, preventing a clean document from being overwritten with a virus-infected version. Fully configurable, scheduled database scanning offers an additional layer of protection. Document creator and administrator are notified when a virus has been found in a database document.

Flexible, Full-Control Administration

Command AntiVirus for Lotus Notes is a native Notes application that is integrated directly with the core Lotus Notes document engine, providing a graphical user interface (GUI) that is intuitive and easy to use. The GUI provides customizable actions to be configured according to administrator preferences. Individual servers and databases can be assigned specific scheduling, action on infection and reporting options.

  • Server Configuration
    The administrator has the option to assign functions to one or many servers, including the log database, quarantine database, help database and temporary attachment directory.

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