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TotalCOMMAND�, coupled with the entire Command product line, Network Flowchartis an essential security tool that will help your company keep up to date with the latest critical patches, antivirus updates, and software fixes for your specific network environment. Command products fully integrate as services in the operating system. Policy-driven tasks ensure administrative compliance while also allowing custom user task creation. Upward Momentum Checkmark Level One and Two certified, Secure Computing has certified Command's ability to not only detect 100% of viruses in the wild, but to disinfect them as well.

TotalCOMMAND Security begins with timely and thorough deployment of critical patches.

TotalCOMMAND™ performs an enterprise-wide discovery of our security software and patch configurations on all machines within your network. It reports the version and date of existing patches as well as any missing patch on each computer. TotalCOMMAND™ rolls out the patches at prescheduled time settings and without any end user intervention.

COMMANDCentral Logo COMMANDCentral™ provides administrators with a powerful management tool to manage Command Antivirus deployment across the network from a centralized location.

COMMANDCentral™ utilizes default administrative tools that facilitate Command Antivirus update and upgrade downloads, deploy the Command Antivirus Pre-installation Convenience Pack across your network, customize features and settings prior to deploying Command Antivirus, and advertise Command Antivirus across your network.

Command AntiVirus
Command AntivirusOur product combines virus protection with centralized management, using its technology to scan for viruses.
Command on Demand
Command on Demand An on-demand anti-virus scanner for web users that provides the latest technology for preventing the spread of computer viruses.

mailCOMMAND This product integrates itself seamlessly into the Lotus Notes/Domino architecture, providing a secure e-mail storage environment and encrypted e-mail communication.
Command Interceptor
mailCOMMAND An innovative anti-virus toolkit solution designed around an open partnership principal. Command Interceptor ensures best of breed protection.

GWAVADesigned specifically for use with Novell's GroupWise�, GWAVA is the only anti-virus and eSecurity agent with content filtering, attachment blocking, and anti-spam tools.
VirusBarrier for Macintosh
VirusBarrierVirusBarrier prevents your Macintosh from being infected, and is compatible with the NetBarrier firewall. Together they provide security for your computer.

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