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Intego LogoCommand Software Systems, Inc. offers the best support program in the industry. We feature SERVICE THAT NEVER SLEEPS. When your system is threatened, you need help immediately. At Command Software Systems Platinum CommandCare Customers can talk to a fully trained senior technician 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

CSAV for Windows Client - Server
Windows 32 Client - ServerCSAV For Windows (9x, NT, 2000, XP) combines superior virus protection with fully centralized management, using the latest technology to scan for thousands of known viruses and their variants.
CSAV for Windows 3x
Windows 32 Server Featuring Dynamic Virus Protection, CSAV For 3X provides real-time scanning of every program file prior to execution, including files downloaded from the Internet and email attachments.

DOSCommand AntiVirus� for DOS offers fully configurable scanning via batch file, command-line, or graphical interface.
CSAV for Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Exchange Command AntiVirus� for Microsoft Exchange is a server level solution designed to protect your system by securing all potential access points from harmful viruses.

CSAV for NetWare
NovellWith a full-featured protection system that includes real-time monitoring and disinfection, CSAV for NetWare provides constant vigilance, guarding all points of entry.
CSAV for OS/2
CSAV for OS/2 provides superior virus detection for both 16-bit and 32-bit GUI versions of OS/2. This product is easy and intuitive for home use, yet powerful enough for the most sophisticated network.

CSAV for Linux
NovellCSAV For Linux offers complete protection through the use of its advanced heuristic capability. Includes a simplified antivirus updating method that does not require the reinstallation of all CSAV components.
SolarisCSAV for Solaris provides advanced protection via fully configurable shell script and command-line scanning technologies. Includes installation packages for both the Sparc® and Intel® platforms.

CSAV for FreeBSD
Command Software is proud to introduce Command AntiVirus for FreeBSD. Through its innovative scanning technology, CSAV for FreeBSD detects thousands of viruses and provides up to date virus protection.

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