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Command AntiVirus™ for Windows® NT Server offers comprehensive virus protection for the NT enterprise. With a full-featured protection system that includes scheduled, on-demand, and on-access scans, Command AntiVirus for NT Server provides constant vigilance, guarding all points of entry. West Coast Labs Checkmark Levels One and Two certified, Command has proven ability to detect and disinfect 100% of virus in the wild.

Command AntiVirus for Windows NT Server installs and runs as a native NT service providing stable, multi-threaded performance. Enterprise management has never been easier than with top performing, domain-oriented administration via CSS Central. Imported from Network Neighborhood, users can be easily grouped according to preference using simple drag and drop. First-time deployment and updates can be accomplished easily, with complete pre-installation configuration - no cumbersome packages to build or products to install to make the changes!

  • Automatic protection for all virus entry points.
  • On-access scanning:
    • file open
    • file close
    • file copy
    • file move
    • file rename
  • Fully configurable scheduling can be based on:
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Specified time
    • Period of inactivity

Administrators have complete control over the action to take should a virus be found. Choices include disinfecting, renaming, quarantining, and deleting. Of course, each action can be accompanied with a prompt for action, allowing even greater control.

System Requirements
Windows NT 3.51/4.0-compatible server with the appropriate operating system and most recent service pack for that o/s installed. 5MB of free hard disk storage and 32MB RAM minimum.

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