Total Enterprise Protection in a No-Nonsense Package
Command Software Anti-Malware 5.0 (CSAM) for Enterprise provides powerful, world-class protection in a small footprint that is easy to download and manage. All at a price that our competition can't touch! If you're tired of expensive, complicated and clunky brand-name solutions, then you're ready for CSAM for Enterprise.

World-Class Protection
at a Competitive Price

Proven Expertise:  We have been providing world-class enterprise solutions for more than fifteen years and have provided protection to millions of endpoints for thousands of enterprises. 

Client and Server Protection:  CSAM Enterprise protects both client and server against viruses, trojans, spyware and all other forms of malware.

Lowest Price:  Because we’ve focused our resources on world-class technology rather than expensive marketing campaigns and superfluous features, we can offer CSAM Enterprise at a price that our competition can’t beat.


Simplified, Centralized Management
with Galileo

Proven Central Management Solution:  Our Galileo centralized management solution has been in use for more than a decade and provided thousands of network administrators an easy-to-use tool for managing server and endpoint security.

User Friendly Interface:  Galileo’s user interface is intuitive and simple to master.  You won’t need hours of training to become an expert on managing your enterprise security.

“Set and Forget” Simplicity:  CSAM for Enterprise is designed to require minimal intervention.  Once you set it up, it will update seamlessly and quietly, without nagging or cryptic alerts.