Join Our Team!

We invite you to become an Authentium Reseller. We have designed our reseller program to make it easy for you to get started. Key benefits include:

Competitive Prices and Margins
We are committed to maximizing your revenue. Our prices and margins are designed to win more deals for you and let you keep more of the top line. Our prices are consistently 20% below those of our competitors and our margins are consistently much better than our competitors. We deliver top value to you and your customer!

Easy to Install, Use and Support
We have kept our products simple by design. Our anti-malware solutions offer world-class protection in a streamlined, no-nonsense package. This means fewer installation problems, minimal customer training and minimal support calls. Because our solutions are easy to use, install and support, you can get started right away. Training is web-based and takes less than two hours.

Personal Assistance and Support
We believe in the value of personal relationships. As an Authentium reseller, you are only a toll-free phone call or email away from a sales professional or customer support representative. All of our sales and support staff are located here in our Palm Beach Gardens office.