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Command AntiVirus™ combines superior anti-virus protection with full centralized management. Administrators will benefit from a variety of flexible controls, allowing for multiple domain management from one or more consoles, automatic updating and deployment or pre-certification staging, drag-and-drop grouping, and centralized logging and alerting. Command has remained true to their pledge to place the customer first - providing a a wide-range of flexible configuration options scaleable to fit your individual needs!

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Achieving a high degree of configurability, flexibility and reliability is no small feat. Command Software has raised the standards by combining all of these features in an intuitive interface coupled with truly transparent dynamic virus protection. This always-on feature defends every port of entry. Advanced Holocheck™ scanning technology acts as a virtual virology lab, detecting and isolating next generation threats before they threaten you. CSS Central™ and F-Net provide a total management solution scaleable to meet your needs. Featuring complete "Set & Forget" management, administrators will benefit from this unique approach to centralized administration. Whether using the powerful management tools found with CSS Central and F-Net, or combining their own custom in-house tools, administrators will benefit from the flexibility and scaleability provided. Toll-free "Service That Never Sleeps" is availabe 24x7, adding an even greater degree of assurance!

Windows2000 Magazine, Dec 99 "A drawback of most heuristic engines is false alarms. However, in my tests, Command AntiVirus raised no false alarms, even when I introduced files with Trojan horse behavior. Running Command AntiVirus against a 12GB test disk took a respectable 45 minutes. The program caught all the test viruses I fed to it...and the CSS Central console lets you tweak nearly every aspect of Command AntiVirus' control over your network. "

Computing Magazine, Jun 1999 "We infected a test workstation with the Melissa virus delivered through an infected Word document. Command detected and isolated the infection immediately. It didn't know what it had discovered, only that the code exhibited the signs of a macro virus. The same test was performed on an equivalent machine using Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus, Norton Anti-Virus, McAfee Vshield, VDS, and Sophos. All were running with their most recent pre-Melissa updates - all failed!"

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