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Command AntiVirus™ Year 2000 Compliance

Dear Command Software Product Users,

Please read the information below regarding the Command AntiVirus™ line of anti-virus software and year 2000 compliance.

Command AntiVirus version 4.54 and later versions (and CSS Central 1.04 and later) of our anti-virus product are fully Y2K compliant, up to the year 2038 (Microsoft dependency). Further, we will ensure that no date dependencies are designed into future updates or upgrades to the product line.

The product line was formerly known as F-PROT Professional® and Command’s F-PROT Professional® followed by a designation of the operating system platform. The current product names are:

Command AntiVirus Previous Versions

The following previous CSAV versions need to be updated to version 4.54 for complete Y2K compliance, to include correction of a leap year issue. The leap year issue affects scheduled scans only. If not upgraded to version 4.54, users will be unable to schedule a scan on February 29, 2000. The date is considered invalid. The real-time and on-demand scanning functions are not affected.

  • F-PROT Professional version 2.27 and higher are Y2K compliant up to the year 2038, (Microsoft dependency), with the exception of the leap year issue described above.
  • Command AntiVirus versions 1.00 through version 4.52 are Y2K compliant up to the year 2038, (Microsoft dependency), with the exception of the leap year issue described above.

mailCOMMAND Year 2000 Compliance

mailCOMMAND is not currently year 2000 compliant. Please contact us for upgrade information.

Security Guardian Year 2000 Compliance

Security Guardian for DOS version 3.95 is Y2K compliant up to the year 2050.

Previous versions of Security Guardian need to be updated to version 3.95 for Y2K compliance. Due to the use of special dates, users of previous versions will be locked out of their machines December 31, 1999.

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