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Command AntiVirus™ features Dynamic Virus Protection, protecting every port of entry from the threat of computer viruses - including files downloaded from the Internet and in e-mail! Independently tested by rigorous security laboratories, Command AntiVirus has been proven to provide superior detection and disinfection of all types of malware.

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Only Command AntiVirus employs exclusive HoloCheck technology to safely and accurately determine virus and virus-like conduct. By monitoring the behavior of files in a protected, virtual environment, Command AntiVirus can identify and protect against both known and unknown viruses. This virtual virology lab safely examines and monitors the behavior and outcome of files, isolating those that are infected before they have the opportunity to execute and infect your system. As proven with Melissa, this outstanding method of detection provides unparalleled security in the fight against viruses.

Computing Magazine "We infected a test workstation with the Melissa virus delivered through an infected Word document. Command detected and isolated the infection immediately. It didn't know what it had discovered, only that the code exhibited the signs of a macro virus. The same test was performed on an equivalent machine using Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus, Norton Anti-Virus, McAffee Vshield, VDS, and Sophos. All were running with their most recent pre-Melissa updates - all failed!"